Homeward bound

In memory of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (1918-2013)

Yes, the world has grown a little colder,
a rainbow-coloured spectrum
of light bulbs shedding a crude light
on the gated communities of our minds

congregating as one, in this hour,
this severest form of reminder –
the great man is no more,
he is no longer

present to guide, yet to be remembered,
like a shaken leaf of insignificant
proportions announces the echoes
of the future winters to come in which I,

the lighter brother, may also mourn,
the one who ate in the dining room,
but whose outstretched hands you took
out of the closet;

and allowed to stand beside you
without fear; rest gently, sir.
Rest gently, unconquerable soul,
homeward bound.