“May the troubled wanderers who have lost their way
Meet with fellow travellers”

Shantideva (Bodhicaryavatara)

Philae, my love,
fall with grace
into silence
while I wait,

Ride on the surface
of the comet
and look back –
we are but dust,
reflected by the Sun:
see that blue speck?
we are there
where what has happened
will. Over and over;

some wait in the cities
some wait in the factories
some wait in the classrooms
some wait in the fields
some wait locked in their
endless regrets
where forgotten dreams
sleep – nothing new under
the Sun

the computers blip,
the coffee cups grow
faces tense
what are they thinking?
What will they gain from the toil,
but the journey?

Some think of the data,
some of the food they
left out this morning
by mistake
some of their mothers,
their fathers or brothers,
their lovers
or the book they left
in the bus – by mistake

as you fall, my love.
I wait.